The Story of a Teacher Who Finally Gets Fed Up with the Testing and Just Walks Away … ‘ Meh. When A Teacher Shrugs #WheresMsSandy ?

I am excited to announce my first book, Meh. When A Teacher Shrugs.  This is the story of two students who must learn to cope when their favorite teacher gets fed up with testing and walks off the job. Follow their journey as they face the ultimate test of their integrity.

If you haven’t had a chance to purchase a copy of Meh. When A Teacher Shrugs,  check out my Margo Lynne author page to download a copy or purchase a paperback! I even give a sneak peak into the book ! Be sure to leave your email to join my book club for blog posts, great offers and freebies !

Download on Amazon here :

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Meh. When A Teacher Shrugs, Seeking Ms. Sandy, Book 1 – by Margo Lynne


Just home from #NPEConference & Ready to AWAKE Activate AGITATE in FL Join Me ? @DianeRavitch #LetThemKnow #AwakeFL


Awake The State Rallies all over Florida tomorrow, March 4th.

Find a rally near you !

Speak up

Make a sign with the VAM equation

Tell THEM to keep their junk math away from our kids and our pensions.

When I say THEM …

I mean those particular Representatives and

Senators behind these destructive education policies.

I mean the Governor we see on commercials.

I mean the reformer profiteers with their corporate charter schools,

who are waiting in the midst for our schools to crumble.

I mean THEM … the billionaire Jeb and Gates club … THEM.

Let THEM know our kids are not data points.

Let THEM know our teachers are not dispensable.

Let THEM know our public schools should not be ripped apart and then

flipped onto the real estate market like cheap condos …

Let THEM know if they try,


Speak up tomorrow… Awake – Activate – Agitate


See for a rally near you.