Digitized Quotes – Susan Ohanian on NCLB… how about no child left in poverty ?? @susanoha Florida activists still going strong ! Wear Red for Ed ! Keep Public Schools Public !

My Favorite Quotes Digitized = Susan Ohanian 

I always have loved Susan Ohanian … such an insightful, informed woman ! Thanks @susanoha !!!

Thanks also for covering our Wear Red for Ed campaign last January… we are hitting the year anniversary of Wear Red for Ed this Jan 4th ! Still standing up to keep public schools public ! 

Good news in 2011, a flashback:  “Remember: Whining is not the same thing as doing something. Whining is whining. Action is something else. Kudos to people in Florida for moving on to action! ” ~Susan Ohanian, Jan 2011 

“Teachers and like-minded parents have struck first in an expected statewide battle over education changes being proposed by Gov.-elect Rick Scott’s transition team. They have held meetings and conference calls, traded information via Facebook, planned an education summit and formed bill-writing committees to create alternative legislation. 

And on Tuesday, they plan to wear red to send the new governor — and the Republican-dominated legislature — a message that they support public schools. 

“They’re hearing nothing but Jeb Bush and his cronies — that’s the whole transition team,” said Rita Solnet (You can follow her on Twitter), an education activist in Boca Raton who’s involved in an effort to build a statewide coalition of parents and teachers who support traditional public education. “


We are still going strong !! 

Florida Public Education Advocacy Groups:

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