Are Standardized Tests the New Hunger Games?

Are our children being used in a new, horrible form of the Hunger Games? Are the odds ever in their favor?

Are you willing to be a tribute for your child? Listen in to learn how …

. #Mockingjay


The Real Reason You Don’t Want President Obama to Pick the Next Supreme Court Justice

OK. Let me just put this out there. I’m guessing since I’ve been a card carrying, blue dog democrat, for decades, I have earned the right to say it. So here goes.

I hope the Republicans do block President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination.

Yup. I don’t trust him. I did once.

I definitely don’t anymore.

Go ahead. Attack away at me for saying it. But, tell me this.

Do you trust a man who gave you Rahm Emmanuel, Arne Duncan, The Race to the Top, and John King?

Nope. Neither do I.



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Don’t just test … Don’t just teach #BeABadAss

I made this video for the BadAss Teachers Association.

Back in 67, the year I was born, there were some bad ass young folks speaking up all around the streets of America – the song in this video represented the resistance.

Today, those same bad asses are not just kids anymore; they are wiser and stronger. And, they have joined across the generations with so many on this superhighway we call the world wide web.

I am proud to be part of the awakening…

Again, it is about our kids. Teachers, parents, and students across the nation are carrying signs… STOP No Child Left Behind, STOP the Race to the Top, STOP the high stakes testing that is robbing our nation’s children, STOP the corporate pilfering off of our public schools.


“Stop, hey what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down.”

Don’t just test … Don’t just teach #BeABadAssTeacher

Join  today:


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