Miami – Charter Schools… Tell the corporations… Separate is still not equal. Never was… Never Will Be #Education @SaveOurSchools

Why are Miami charters segregating out the minorities again and offering a lesser program? 


“These school networks are all managed by Academica, Florida’s largest charter school operator. Miami-Dade charter schools also enrolled a smaller share of poor students: 54 percent, compared to 74 percent in traditional public schools.”

“The trend is evident across Miami-Dade County, where overall, the number of poor children enrolled in charter schools is disproportionately low compared to traditional public schools — an advantage for the charter schools, given that poverty correlates with poor academic performance. Charter schools in Miami-Dade also enroll a smaller share of black students than traditional public schools, according to federal data. In traditional public schools, one-third of children are black, compared to one-fifth of children in charter schools.”

Separate is still not equal…

“In the largest charter school networks — the Mater, Doral, Somerset and Pinecrest academies — 90 percent of the students enrolled in 2010 were Hispanic, federal records show, compared to 58 percent in the public school system.”



Aparte no es todavía igual. Nunca lo fue. Nunca lo será.


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