When folks say money can’t buy everything… remind them that it can buy some #pffft .. Response to Matus opinion on parent trigger

Well, Ron.

When I read your blog post, I had one heck of a response. But, as I scroll through the comments below, I see that many well spoken, highly educated, caring activists have already covered the basic objections. So, ditto what they say.

There was a better story here, Ron.

A story of hard work, dedication, true grit. A story of folks giving up every waking moment of their days and nights to raise their voices.

There was a victory here. We worked hard for it and we got it. That was the real story.

You missed it.
Oh, well, Ron. Maybe next time…


Oh, and one last thought. I must say, your post had me spitting fire. I was thinking thoughts, like ‘Et tu, Brute?’ I mean, it just seemed so unlike you to write such a slanted piece. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. But, after I posted the comment above, I went back and did a little reading on you. I found this statement:

“Ron has left the Tampa Bay Times to take the post of assistant director of policy and public affairs at Step Up For Students, the Tampa-based group that oversees Florida’s corporate tax credit scholarship program.”


Oh, OK, Ron. I get it.

So when you wrote, “But I know that kind of talk won’t get us rowing in the same direction,”

I misunderstood. I thought we were still rowing in the same direction.

Good luck in your new position, Ron. 

We will be right here.

Rowing away…

As the African says: 

This is my tale which I have told, 

 if it be sweet, if it be not sweet, 

take somewhere else and let some return to me.

This story ends with me still rowing.

~Anne Sexton


In response to “Florida parent trigger debate didn’t bring out best from established parent groups” a blog post by Ron Matus,  March 13, 2012 : http://www.redefinedonline.org/2012/03/florida-parent-trigger-debate-didnt-bring-out-best-from-established-parent-groups/



Open Letter of Thank You to Florida Senator Hays and others – Stand Strong against “Parent Trigger” – Florida parents Thank YOU !!

Dear Senator Hays and all other Senators in Florida who voted NO today on SB1718, the so called “parent trigger” bill. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You made the right choice to vote NO to the Florida “parent trigger” aka corporate empowerment bill.

We, parents of Florida, thank you !!!!

Stay strong. You give us hope that there is truly fairness and justice up there in Tally.

You are a living example of the hope people empower when they are heard !!

Thank you.

Our faith lies in the 20 Senators who voted NO… they proved their faith in us when they listened to us. And, we thank them !!

Please call and say Thank you to the Terrific Twenty !!! Please ask them to STAND STRONG for public education and parents ! 

Here are the phone numbers: http://www.flsenate.gov/senators/

Names of the Terrific Twenty here:


Call the ‘Terrific Twenty’ with your ‘Stand Strong Thank You’ today …

Sen. Hays (850) 487-5014

Sen. Braynon II (850) 487-5116

Sen. Bullard (850) 487-5127

Sen. Dean (850) 487-5017

Sen. Detert (850) 487-5081

Sen. Dockery (850) 487-5040

Sen. Fasano (850) 487-5062

Sen. Gibson (850) 487-5024

Sen. Jones (850) 487-5065

Sen. Joyner (850) 487-5059

Sen. Lynn (850) 487-5033

Sen. Margolis (850) 487-5121

Sen. Montford (850) 487-5004

Sen. Oelrich (850) 487-5020

Sen. Rich (850) 487-5103

Sen. Ring (850) 487-5094

Sen. Sachs (850) 487-5091

Sen. Siplin (850) 487-5190

Sen. Smith (850) 487-5112

Sen. Sobel (850) 487-5097


Email addresses here: 























From the Washington Post: 

Quote: ” “It has everything to do with laying the groundwork for the hostile, corporate takeover of public schools,” Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich of Weston was quoted as saying in the AP story. “Parents will divide against parents and even children will divide against children.”