For No Other Reason #Hallelujah

A blog post for no other reason, but to mark this glorious day in history…

jeb drops out


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The Real Reason You Don’t Want President Obama to Pick the Next Supreme Court Justice

OK. Let me just put this out there. I’m guessing since I’ve been a card carrying, blue dog democrat, for decades, I have earned the right to say it. So here goes.

I hope the Republicans do block President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination.

Yup. I don’t trust him. I did once.

I definitely don’t anymore.

Go ahead. Attack away at me for saying it. But, tell me this.

Do you trust a man who gave you Rahm Emmanuel, Arne Duncan, The Race to the Top, and John King?

Nope. Neither do I.



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VIDEO – AFT President, Randi Weingarten, #NPEConference – Last 3 Minutes -Common Core Panel Debate

AFT President, Randi Weingarten, on the Network for Public Education – Common Core Panel Debate – National Conference, Austin, Texas

Closing 3 minutes of commentary. While we may disagree on Common Core, I respect the hell out of her for attending this conference. She listened to teachers and participated in the discussion. I appreciate that … and I think she makes important points here at the end. We must focus on our public schools.

#AFT #NEA #FEA #WeAreOne

Florida’s New Teacher Evaluation System Proving Itself A Huge Failure – All at the Cost of our Kids #ChaChing

From Matt Reed, Editor of Florida Today:

“Somehow, 98 percent of teacher evaluations suggest we accomplished that, even though school grades dropped statewide … That’s not to say our students or our schools are failing. Far from it. It does show that one critical tool for improvement has not yet worked the way it should.”

My response:

Here is a no brainer … maybe it is not the teachers or the students.

Maybe, just maybe, it is the test? Hmmm?

If you got a ticket for driving 100 mph on a highway and you know you were only going 60 … you would go to court and the officer would have to show proof of maintaining and calibrating his radar.

I want to check Pearson’s radars (woops, I mean tests). Don’t you?

Florida parents … call, write FL DOE today. Ask to see your child’s tests and answers. You have the right. I bet you will find the answer you are looking for.

After all, the only growth Pearson Test Corporation is measuring is the growth of their profits. #ChaChing


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