What’s Going On In The Florida House? Did Someone Say Ethics? Charter School Concerns?

What's Going On In The Florida House? Did Someone Say Ethics? Charter School Concerns?

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Sen. Anitere Fl…

Sen. Anitere Flores (R-Miami) never met a piece of legislation that benefited the for-profit charter school industry she didn’t like. Just pay no attention to the little matter that she works for one.

Best ‘Snarky But True’ Quote of the Day … via @BobSikes , FL teacher and blogger.

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“Flores, a Miami lawmaker, said she hadn’t yet read the audit and couldn’t comment on the $400,000 grant, though she noted Doral College is not the entity being audited.”


“She dodged Smiley’s question with a lawyerly response, but she’s asking her constituents to accept quite a bit. Sen. Flores knowing was party to accepting a grant “to establish an in-house dual-enrollment program” for her school which she knew “is unaccredited and unable to provide dual-enrollment courses under Florida law?”


“This isn’t the first time that Academica has received scrutiny. Nor is it the first time that such blurred lines became evident. A May 2012 Miami Herald report revealed similar questionable transactions within the Academica system.”


Open Letter of Thank You to Florida Senator Hays and others – Stand Strong against “Parent Trigger” – Florida parents Thank YOU !!

Dear Senator Hays and all other Senators in Florida who voted NO today on SB1718, the so called “parent trigger” bill. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You made the right choice to vote NO to the Florida “parent trigger” aka corporate empowerment bill.

We, parents of Florida, thank you !!!!

Stay strong. You give us hope that there is truly fairness and justice up there in Tally.

You are a living example of the hope people empower when they are heard !!

Thank you.

Our faith lies in the 20 Senators who voted NO… they proved their faith in us when they listened to us. And, we thank them !!

Please call and say Thank you to the Terrific Twenty !!! Please ask them to STAND STRONG for public education and parents ! 

Here are the phone numbers: http://www.flsenate.gov/senators/

Names of the Terrific Twenty here:


Call the ‘Terrific Twenty’ with your ‘Stand Strong Thank You’ today …

Sen. Hays (850) 487-5014

Sen. Braynon II (850) 487-5116

Sen. Bullard (850) 487-5127

Sen. Dean (850) 487-5017

Sen. Detert (850) 487-5081

Sen. Dockery (850) 487-5040

Sen. Fasano (850) 487-5062

Sen. Gibson (850) 487-5024

Sen. Jones (850) 487-5065

Sen. Joyner (850) 487-5059

Sen. Lynn (850) 487-5033

Sen. Margolis (850) 487-5121

Sen. Montford (850) 487-5004

Sen. Oelrich (850) 487-5020

Sen. Rich (850) 487-5103

Sen. Ring (850) 487-5094

Sen. Sachs (850) 487-5091

Sen. Siplin (850) 487-5190

Sen. Smith (850) 487-5112

Sen. Sobel (850) 487-5097


Email addresses here: 























From the Washington Post: 

Quote: ” “It has everything to do with laying the groundwork for the hostile, corporate takeover of public schools,” Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich of Weston was quoted as saying in the AP story. “Parents will divide against parents and even children will divide against children.”


Stupidity in Florida – Transformative Education by any means necessary. The 2012 FL budget funds failing charter schools.

Remember when we looked at the school data here in Florida and nearly all the counties we looked at, the only F in the county was a charter school… ??


Well, it looks like our leaders in Tally figure failing must be a good thing.

They just set a budget :

 No new money for construction and maintenance of public schools statewide, but $55 million for construction at charter schools.

Yep, fund the failures…

Talk about transformative, by any means necessary…

Respect? What exactly does the DOE consider bold and transformative in education? Do they respect our opinions?

Respect? What exactly does the DOE consider bold and transformative in education? Do they respect our opinions?

From the Department of Education blog:

“To bring this vision to fruition, the President proposed a new $5 billion grant program to support states and districts that commit to pursuing bold reforms at every stage of the teaching profession.” (http://www.ed.gov/blog/2012/02/launching-project-respect/)

That all sounds fine and dandy.

But, the four key elements are a little vague. What worries me, personally, is what they call bold?

In RTTT, bold meant tests in every subject many times a year and an increase in charter schools.

That is not bold and that is certainly not respect.

I gotta say… I am going to need more than campaign promises this time.

I need bold…

Miami – Charter Schools… Tell the corporations… Separate is still not equal. Never was… Never Will Be #Education @SaveOurSchools

Why are Miami charters segregating out the minorities again and offering a lesser program? 


“These school networks are all managed by Academica, Florida’s largest charter school operator. Miami-Dade charter schools also enrolled a smaller share of poor students: 54 percent, compared to 74 percent in traditional public schools.”

“The trend is evident across Miami-Dade County, where overall, the number of poor children enrolled in charter schools is disproportionately low compared to traditional public schools — an advantage for the charter schools, given that poverty correlates with poor academic performance. Charter schools in Miami-Dade also enroll a smaller share of black students than traditional public schools, according to federal data. In traditional public schools, one-third of children are black, compared to one-fifth of children in charter schools.”

Separate is still not equal…

“In the largest charter school networks — the Mater, Doral, Somerset and Pinecrest academies — 90 percent of the students enrolled in 2010 were Hispanic, federal records show, compared to 58 percent in the public school system.”

 from:  http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/12/16/1045947/-Charter-schools-enrolling-low-numbers-of-poor-students

and: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/12/16/2548465/charters-schools-enrolling-low.html

Aparte no es todavía igual. Nunca lo fue. Nunca lo será.


Wear Red for Ed

Save Our Schools

Awake the State

Stop Race to the Top

We Are One

Hey, who owns Maverick Charter Schools anyway? I bet many Floridians are wondering today:

“A Homestead charter school run by a for-profit company that promises to help at-risk kids graduate issued standard diplomas to only 18 students in the past two years, according to the Miami-Dade school district.”

“Mavericks High of South Miami-Dade had 52 seniors enrolled during the 2009-2010 school year. Only two of them —  or 3.8 percent of the class — graduated with a standard diploma.”

WoW… only 3.8 %

Talk about accountability…


Hey, who owns Maverick anyway?


Why Mavericks Charter Schools Got Some ‘Splainin’ to Do

Connect the dots…