Shunned. The Shame of My Teachers Union – A Good Friday Reflection

Day 1 of Spring Break. I am up bright and early on this beautiful Good Friday morning.

The sun is shining over my little piece of Florida. We say tomorrow will always be a better day. Today, it came true.

I am thankful to be the mom of two wonderful daughters, raised among a family that stretches far and wide. I am thankful for my hardworking husband who never fails to be there for us. I am thankful to live in a caring, compassionate community of citizens.

Good Friday is a good day to remember what we are thankful for. After all, Jesus is a good ol’ hero of mine. He fought for what was right. He was persecuted. He would not be held down…

I’m with him.

I’ve been shunned by my teachers union, all the way to the top.

Make no mistake. Once, they loved me. I joined, I rallied, I organized, I affected change. But, then I witnessed, and then I whistled …

I blew the whistle. Hard.

I blew the whistle on election violations. I blew the whistle on unfounded, unvetted, early endorsements. I blew the whistle on backdoor deals. I did what you are never supposed to do – I blew the whistle on union leadership.

I blew hard. And, they buried me.

I am the shame of my union.

I am ashamed of my union.

I’m not with leadership. I’m not with Hillary.

I’m not with her. .

In my classroom, I have a saying written across the top of my board:

“Tomorrow is Always a Better Day.”

It is a daily reminder to keep on keeping on. It is a reminder to keep up the fight and to keep up the faith. I will do just that.

Will you?

I’m with you.





VIDEO – AFT President, Randi Weingarten, #NPEConference – Last 3 Minutes -Common Core Panel Debate

AFT President, Randi Weingarten, on the Network for Public Education – Common Core Panel Debate – National Conference, Austin, Texas

Closing 3 minutes of commentary. While we may disagree on Common Core, I respect the hell out of her for attending this conference. She listened to teachers and participated in the discussion. I appreciate that … and I think she makes important points here at the end. We must focus on our public schools.

#AFT #NEA #FEA #WeAreOne

One Key to Finland’s Successful Schools: Teacher Unions. — One Union Gal Speaks Up.

As I was surfing Twitter today, I saw this tweet to our AFT President, Randi Weingarten. The tweet was sent by Matt Frendewey, the National Communications Director for @schoolchoice aka the American Federation for Children.


Needless to say, being a union gal, this caught my eye.

I am not sure why Mr. Frendewey believes that children are better served in non union schools, but most of us know better.

One example of a country with exceptional schools and the majority of its teachers in unions is Finland. We have heard about Finland’s high rankings on international tests like the PISA for years.

Recently, Henna Virkkunen, Finland’s Minister of Education, was asked about the role teacher unions play in Finland. Specifically, referring to the anti union climate in the US, she was asked if unions are seen as a problem standing in the way of reform.

She responded:

“It’s a totally different situation in Finland. For me, as Minister of Education, our teachers’ union has been one of the main partners because we have the same goal: we all want to ensure that the quality of education is good, and we are working very much together with the union. Nearly every week we are in discussions with them. They are very powerful in Finland. Nearly all of the teachers are members. I think we don’t have big differences in our thinking. They are very good partners for us.”

Does that sound to you like unions are bad for schools and children?


For more on the success of Finland’s schools, check this Smithsonian Magazine.

… and, oh yea, don’t believe everything you read on Twitter.