The Secret to Fixing Schools (My Next Bestseller)

The Secret to Fixing Schools (My next bestseller)


I just finished watching a fascinating documentary on Netflix entitled, “The Secret”. The film presented opinion from many speakers of various walks of life, ranging from meta physicists and authors to teachers and pastors. The message was simple:

You are what you think.

In a nutshell, those who think positive thoughts reap positive benefits. The positive energy that emanates from a positive thought is reflective in nature, bringing back to us what we truly desire and focus upon.

Brilliant. As we always knew, prayer works.

I then began to think about my own life. As a public school teacher, now for close to three decades, and as a mom, for at least two of those decades, I couldn’t help but to realize just how important this “Secret” is with regards to our own public schools. It seems so logical.

Just think positive. Teach positive. Believe they can and they will. Period.

It makes total sense. After all, one of the first lessons we were taught as students in the universities for education is that of the self-fulfilling prophecy. Robert K. Merton coined this term in 1948. He described the situation in which ‘a false definition evokes a new behavior which, in turn, makes the originally false conception come true.’ All teachers know and live by this rule. This is why we are warned to not listen to teachers who complain about students. Give each child a fresh start, they teach us; do not bring preconceived, negative stereotypes into the equation when teaching children because you quickly learn that children will live up to your every expectation. If you expect the worst, that is exactly what you will get. This is every teacher’s golden rule so, it only makes sense that it is the rationale behind “The Secret to Fixing Schools”.


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