Shunned. The Shame of My Teachers Union – A Good Friday Reflection

Day 1 of Spring Break. I am up bright and early on this beautiful Good Friday morning.

The sun is shining over my little piece of Florida. We say tomorrow will always be a better day. Today, it came true.

I am thankful to be the mom of two wonderful daughters, raised among a family that stretches far and wide. I am thankful for my hardworking husband who never fails to be there for us. I am thankful to live in a caring, compassionate community of citizens.

Good Friday is a good day to remember what we are thankful for. After all, Jesus is a good ol’ hero of mine. He fought for what was right. He was persecuted. He would not be held down…

I’m with him.

I’ve been shunned by my teachers union, all the way to the top.

Make no mistake. Once, they loved me. I joined, I rallied, I organized, I affected change. But, then I witnessed, and then I whistled …

I blew the whistle. Hard.

I blew the whistle on election violations. I blew the whistle on unfounded, unvetted, early endorsements. I blew the whistle on backdoor deals. I did what you are never supposed to do – I blew the whistle on union leadership.

I blew hard. And, they buried me.

I am the shame of my union.

I am ashamed of my union.

I’m not with leadership. I’m not with Hillary.

I’m not with her. .

In my classroom, I have a saying written across the top of my board:

“Tomorrow is Always a Better Day.”

It is a daily reminder to keep on keeping on. It is a reminder to keep up the fight and to keep up the faith. I will do just that.

Will you?

I’m with you.





3 thoughts on “Shunned. The Shame of My Teachers Union – A Good Friday Reflection

  1. I admire people who stand up and say something when they believe our union leaders are not doing the right thing. I do it all the time. I argue with UFT President Michael Mulgrew often yet he continues to make comments about how I’m just like him or that he adores me or loves that I challenge him. Lately, I think I’m getting on his last nerve but I don’t do it for his approval, I do it because it’s the right thing to do.

    He got upset with me after our last Delegate Assembly because I reminded him how he’s come a long way from the time he threatened to punch people in the nose for taking away his beloved common core. I also told him that I credit most of the positive changes we’ve seen in NY recently to the parent-led opt out movement and to work done by education advocates like The Badass Teachers Association and NYSAPE. He didn’t like that at all! 😉 I really don’t care if he gets angry with me (as long as he doesn’t actually punch me in the nose). He needs to know that while he can create a false reality in the minds of members who just go along to get along (namely those who benefit financially from their union gigs) there are others who are not so easily fooled. I recently decided to become an RA delegate for an opposing caucus, MORE, because I think 56 years of one single caucus being in absolute control of our union is NOT a good thing. I want a more democratic union one that actually listens to its members.

    I’ve also argued with Randi Weingarten on twitter often. (Recently I unfollowed her because I just couldn’t stomach her constant cheerleading for Hillary.) While I hold out some hope that Mulgrew at least wants to do the right thing by members, I have no such illusion when it comes to Randi. She was never a career teacher, she’s a lawyer who was placed in the position of UFT president for reasons I don’t think I’ll ever understand. She’s done tremendous damage to the teaching profession (partnering with Bill Gates and his scheme to evaluate teachers based on tests scores to name one) and she looks out for Randi at all costs.

    So keep standing up! Keep speaking out! There are many members out here who support you.

    P.S. When Mulgrew mentioned AFT endorsement of Hillary at our last DA, not one person applauded… 700+ delegates and not a single one clapped. The only applause came later when he thanked our retirees for their efforts in campaigning for Hillary, but even then the applause was almost demanded, yet still quite muted.

    I’m not with her either…

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