Get on the Bus? I’ll Pass – Why I Am NOT Attending Florida Teacher Union Rally in Tally Next Week.

Enough is enough, they claim. Florida’s state teacher union, FEA, is hosting a rally against high stakes testing next week in Tallahassee, Florida. I guess holding up signs against testing in front of the Capitol is their idea of action. Get on the bus, their signs declare.

I’ll pass.

Yea. Yea. I know I will take a heap of crap for this post, but meh. It is what it is.

Why am I not jumping on the bus? Um. Been there, done that. Need more.

Honestly, FEA could have hosted this rally 3 years ago and I would have made sure to fill their buses with my teacher and parent friends. I would have made the signs and MC’d the rally. Those days are over.

My opinion? FEA elected leadership is bringing too little, too late to this game. We are past that. We don’t want a rally. We want action. We want to see our union leadership speaking, vehemently, against the overtesting, class size violations, loss of workplace autonomy, scripted curriculum and stagnant salaries.

Enough is enough. Your members have spoken. Think twice about ignoring our passed NBI’s calling for robocalls to parents instructing them of their rights to opt out. Think twice about endorsing candidates like Charlie Crist and Hillary Clinton, without giving a rat’s ass about members.

Enough of playing politics with local elections. Enough of acting like the corporate sell outs we fight.

Come on back down to grassroots. Enough truly is enough.


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More here. #TakeBackYourUnions


8 thoughts on “Get on the Bus? I’ll Pass – Why I Am NOT Attending Florida Teacher Union Rally in Tally Next Week.

  1. Same in New York. Clueless state union bureaucrats fiddling while Rome burns and trotting out idiotic gestures they pass off as hardcore unionism. Weingarten’s trickle down effect.

    • Absolutely true, unionism that looks like corporate top down, public relations – like, techniques. Gotta get back to grassroots. Kudos to the teachers standing up to reformers and their union leaders. Keep it up, NY.

  2. Regardless of my feelings about FEA, teachers need to stand together for change. The mission is much bigger than FEA’s actions. I would go regardless of sponsorship. I stand for my students and their welfare. Priority one

    • Sounds like you have a plan! Have a great time. Be sure to let FEA leadership know, members have spoken and to toss us a rally under the guise of activism, seems more like placating than activating. Get on the bus … and get leadership off their asses 😉

  3. It sounds like you are slightly misinformed. I am an activist attending this with many many many others. You will probably get crap from this, but you’re allowed to feel that way. Though remember that activism doesn’t always look the same.

    • Ah, I must be misinformed. If you say so, that is… because only a misinformed union member would hold its own elected union leadership accountable. Absolutely misinformed. lol Maybe we need a ‘Let’s Get Informed Rally’ ? Pfft… #TryAgain

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