Bruh. End the Insanity — Book 2 of Seeking Ms. Sandy Series. COMING SOON !

I have started part 2 of my book series, the sequel to ‘Meh. When A Teacher Shrugs’. My second novel will be entitled, ‘Bruh. End the Insanity’.

Why bruh?

‘Bruh’ is an idiom that teens use when frustrated. For instance, when someone says something ridiculous, these days, a teenager will often respond with a simple one liner,  ‘bruh’.

From the Urban Dictionary:


Term used to describe something unbelievable or unjust. Also used to describe reaction to something ridiculously crazy.

Another way of saying really, or seriously.
Teen 1: What’s Obama’s last name?
Teen 2: Bruh.


Bruh is the perfect idiom for my second novel. In this sequel, our two teen heroes will take their fight against high stakes testing to their local school board, hitting a wall of resistance (sound familiar?) …

bruh button

‘Bruh.  End The Insanity’ is their story, my story, our story. 

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