Get Your Copy Today : A Must Read ! Meh. When A Teacher Shrugs – Seeking Ms. Sandy Series, Volume 1 by Margo Lynne

The Testing Games are about to begin … Get your copy today : Meh. When a Teacher Shrugs. My first novel …

Margo Lynne - Author

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Thalia knew she was going to fail. She always failed these state tests. She dreaded sitting down in front of them for years now. She hated how her teachers talked about them all the time. She especially hated the look of disappointment on her mom’s face when her test scores came in.

More than anything, she hated knowing that people thought she was dumb. Thalia knew she wasn’t dumb. But, she always got herself so worked up about taking the test, her whole life consumed with studying and stressing about it that, by the time test day came rolling around, she was so stressed out, she just didn’t care any more.

‘Meh. Screw the test.’ That’s what she told herself. She even tweeted it that very morning.

Thalia always wished the tests would just disappear. She never imagined her…

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