The Catch 22 of College and Career Ready in FL : Foreign Language Classes

In a discussion about education on one of our BAT pages today, a parent brought up an important point:

In Florida, when a student scores a 2 or below (out of 4) on the state tests (nearly 70 percent score that low), then that student must take an additional reading and or math class. In high school, that fact makes it impossible for a student to take foreign language (most high schools only offer language classes to advanced students, or the student has no time left in their schedule).

Thus, a student can not apply to state colleges, ie UF, UCF, USF or FSU, because they do not have the prerequisite language. Students end up seeking out for-profit universities. Or, students are forced to take foreign language classes online with Fl Virtual Schools –  jeb’s baby. Hence, the same reformers pushing these laws for testing are the same ones profiting.

How does any of this make students College and Career Ready ????

Call me crazy … but, doesn’t it seem like they planned it this way?


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