Words from Dr. Denisha Jones, BadassTeacher


“To me, being a badass teacher means although you might have the luxury to pretend to be colorblind you have chosen not to. You have chosen to embrace your responsibility to help your students understand and fight racism. You have decided to be an ally to people of color and use your white privilege to dismantle racism. Not everyone will agree that this is what it means to be badass. And you can be in BATs and not believe anything I said and not believe that you have a responsibility to deal with any of it. But BATs is taking on that responsibility with or without you. We hope you choose to join us because with the support of over 51,000 members we can take on this challenge and do whatever it takes to make sure that none of our students and children becomes the next Michael Brown.”

~Dr. Denisha Jones, BadAssTeacher


For full text,  http://badassteachers.blogspot.com/2014/08/the-death-of-michael-brown-teachers-and.html


One thought on “Words from Dr. Denisha Jones, BadassTeacher

  1. I never understood that idea of being color blind. Is the Sun the Sun if I can’t see it’s beautiful yellow? I say if you can’t see it’s yellow then you can’t see the Sun. If we can’t see each other’s color then perhaps it’s because we can’t see each other. Saying I can’t see color is the same as saying I don’t value my color.

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