Cheers and Checked Again

You know you are a nerd when you are watching a local school board meeting, with your cell phone taping,  as you cheer at the screen.

Imagine the excitement to hear your own school board members agree,  unanimously,  to find a way to opt your entire county out of high stakes testing.

That was me last night.

Except, I wasn’t cheering as a nerd.  No, I was cheering as a mom …

Because, really, when it comes down to it, I’m doing all this for my kid.

My child. Not my contract, not my opinion on issues, not to sell a book, or to win a position or a promotion … not for profit.

Not for nothing, as my jersey folk say.

I’m doing it for my kid. For my fifth grade daughter who is missing much of the opportunities of her education due to the ridiculous amounts of testing.

Then,  I realize… Check.

I think of other parents out there who want much more for their kids than ‘less testing’ . I realize they want life for their kids.

They want to know that their kids can walk down the street and not be shot.

They want to talk about race not tests.

While I’m cheering as I watch the news, they are screaming.

Scream with them.

Today is ten years since Hurricane Charley destroyed my town. I remember looking at the news and thinking no one cares. Life went on while our world was destroyed. I don’t wish that feeling on  anyone.

So, I’m going to try to amplify the voices of Ferguson,  to keep reminding people to pay attention.

Empathize and amplify. I’ll start there.

Prayers for the family and friends of Michael Brown … and the entire Ferguson community.


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