Rick Scott Targeted by Common Core Opponents in Florida

via @BobSikes : “The population that wants Core is shrinking by day and is limited to the republican dominated ruling class, corporate-financed hacks at Jeb Bush’s foundations and the Chamber of Commerce.”

Scathing Purple Musings

You knew wouldn’t go away after being dismissed by Rick Scott’s cronies on the state board of education. Miami Herald reporter Kathleen McGrory has this in Naked Politics:

TALLAHASSEE — With their bill to suspend Florida’s new education benchmarks stalled in the Legislature, opponents of the Common Core State Standards are pursuing a new strategy.

They are turning the heat up on Gov. Rick Scott.

Last Sunday, about 80 members of the group Florida Parents Against Common Core protested outside a private fundraiser for Scott on Jupiter Island. Members of another group, Stop Common Core Florida, traveled to Tallahassee on Thursday to meet with Scott’s top education adviser, they said.

What’s more, the Republican Party of Florida’s Legislative Affairs Committee issued a formal resolution last month, urging Scott to take executive action against the standards.

“It’s time for Rick Scott to listen to the people,” said Chris Quackenbush, a…

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