Sen. Anitere Fl…

Sen. Anitere Flores (R-Miami) never met a piece of legislation that benefited the for-profit charter school industry she didn’t like. Just pay no attention to the little matter that she works for one.

Best ‘Snarky But True’ Quote of the Day … via @BobSikes , FL teacher and blogger.

Read more HERE.

“Flores, a Miami lawmaker, said she hadn’t yet read the audit and couldn’t comment on the $400,000 grant, though she noted Doral College is not the entity being audited.”


“She dodged Smiley’s question with a lawyerly response, but she’s asking her constituents to accept quite a bit. Sen. Flores knowing was party to accepting a grant “to establish an in-house dual-enrollment program” for her school which she knew “is unaccredited and unable to provide dual-enrollment courses under Florida law?”


“This isn’t the first time that Academica has received scrutiny. Nor is it the first time that such blurred lines became evident. A May 2012 Miami Herald report revealed similar questionable transactions within the Academica system.”



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