Florida’s New Teacher Evaluation System Proving Itself A Huge Failure – All at the Cost of our Kids #ChaChing

From Matt Reed, Editor of Florida Today:

“Somehow, 98 percent of teacher evaluations suggest we accomplished that, even though school grades dropped statewide … That’s not to say our students or our schools are failing. Far from it. It does show that one critical tool for improvement has not yet worked the way it should.”

My response:

Here is a no brainer … maybe it is not the teachers or the students.

Maybe, just maybe, it is the test? Hmmm?

If you got a ticket for driving 100 mph on a highway and you know you were only going 60 … you would go to court and the officer would have to show proof of maintaining and calibrating his radar.

I want to check Pearson’s radars (woops, I mean tests). Don’t you?

Florida parents … call, write FL DOE today. Ask to see your child’s tests and answers. You have the right. I bet you will find the answer you are looking for.

After all, the only growth Pearson Test Corporation is measuring is the growth of their profits. #ChaChing


photo via totallyfreedownload.net


2 thoughts on “Florida’s New Teacher Evaluation System Proving Itself A Huge Failure – All at the Cost of our Kids #ChaChing

  1. Well, I have commented on several website posting similar stories.
    What we need is a shift in THEIR “philosophy” of education; we must supplement testing schemes with portfolio assessment strategies (for teachers and their students). I know that some testing is necessary! (and as you suggested — tests must be valid) We don’t need some corporate entity “managing” our assessments. Practitioners could develop comprehensive (state) exams if they were given the opportunity to do so! Oh, that is unlikely in our present era of AUTHORATATIVE mandates. I believe that the use of tests to measure all learning excludes many potential gains that result from “great” teaching.
    My Blog: http://kennethfetterman.wordpress.com

    • I am not sure why any testing is necessary. At least not state mandated standardized tests designed to punish teachers and students. The current global leader in education, Finland, uses almost no tests and no standardized state mandated assessments. They simply are not necessary or useful in education.

      I also want to mention that the scores reported on the tests are manipulated before they are released; it has already been decided what the scores will be and the scores are adjusted accordingly. This year’s passing score may be a failing score next year – so how is the test supposed to tell us ANYTHING useful to help inform our instruction?

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