Merrow takes a Jab at Ravitch. #NotTooHeroic

My response to John Merrow, article:

Mr. Merrow,

You write, “These people inhabit a comic book world without ambiguity where heroes require villains.” I personally found that insulting.

Maybe it is just me, but anytime anyone starts a sentence with “These people” it is usually insulting. Couple that comment with “comic book world” and you’ve managed to insult parents everywhere.

Perhaps, that was your point?

Well, we parents are not living in a comic book world. We are living in a world of rigorous accountability for our children and high stakes testing all the way down to Kindergarten. I am not sure what comic books you read, sir, but that’s not the world we parents want for our kids.

And, when you spew these insults under the guise of journalism, it becomes obvious why we look at Ravitch as a hero.

In fact, I think you just made your own point for yourself. You write, “Polarization not only doesn’t move the ball forward; it’s a step backward.”



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