WordPress says this was my top blog post in 2012… Funny, this blog was written before Florida issued incorrect FCAT scores, pulled them back, and then reissued more incorrect FCAT scores. Also, funny that I am half way into the next school year and I still have not seen any evaluative scores from the state. Hey, they wouldn’t call it Floriduh if this stuff made sense, eh?

End the Insanity… Save our Schools.

Grassroots Mom

Yep. I teach all year for Tuesday’s Florida FCAT Writes Test.

I have about 150 eighth graders and over 90 percent must pass

for my school to qualify for an A.


But, here is the kicker…

Even though I have made my 90 % for three years now,

and will probably again this year,

the fact is, under the new laws, I am evaluated based on reading scores.


And,  some of the kids I do not even teach.


Lol … I have to laugh to keep from going insane.

Either way, my kids will ace the writing on Tuesday,

and they will leave my class with some self esteem and writing skills.


I,  however, can not guarantee or control the fate of my job.


Over twenty years teaching for this state,

and this is the thank you they give me

the year my daughter starts…

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