Florida VAM – The Scarlet Equation … Our Symbol of Shame.

Back in the old days, we just wore a ‘Scarlet A’.

Nowadays, they are more transformative.

We wear a whole equation.

After nearly 25 years of teaching in the state of Florida, here is the Value Added Model equation that, as determined by Florida’s Race to the Top, will determine my contract.

y¬_ti=X_i β+∑_(r=1)^L▒〖y_(t-r,i) γ_(t-r) 〗+∑_(q=1)^Q▒〖Z_qi θ_q 〗+e_i

Florida VAM – Our Symbol of Shame.Image.

Happy Holidays, eh?

For more info on VAM, read this article from the Washington Post.

Or, watch this video:


3 thoughts on “Florida VAM – The Scarlet Equation … Our Symbol of Shame.

  1. Welcome to VAM, Florida. Louisiana teachers feel your pain. Our experience and expertise have already been reduced to a 1-4 numeral this year. My advice? Do what you always do…be who you’ve always been. We are on the right side of this issue. we all know that in every profession, there are good and bad workers. But we all know who the bad ones are! It’s no surprise. Ask the parents…the kids…the principals. No one is fooled. Just give THEM the power to evaluate teachers, not some one-shot observation that is SO flawed that NO ONE stands a chance of being rated fairly when the largest percentage of the score depends upon factors outside of the teacher’s control. VAM is how states can legally oust “expensive” teachers (experience, expert) and replace them with TFA’s…then cut education budgets by outsourcing public schools to for-profit, voucher accepting public school alternatives. And DOE’s are selling this whole reform system to parents as “school choice”. What a scam…

    • Thank you for that wonderful advice. We are in year 2 here in FL and teachers are really starting to feel the pain. We will fight this … here in FL and alongside Louisiana teachers, as well. Nothing brings people together like the shaming of teachers via the over-testing of kids. What a colossal waste of time and resources this all is ! Thanks for commenting !

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