Anderson Cooper: This Teacher Has Something to Tell America… No to Parent Trigger !!!

Anderson Cooper wants teachers on his show. If you know me, you know I do not watch TV. I never even knew he had a show lol… but I applied anyway. I sent his show this statement:

“I am a public school teacher and activist for public education. I joined with other parents and teachers around Florida last year to stop the parent trigger law. We have founded grassroots nonprofit organizations to help spread the truth about the corporate entities pushing parent trigger and corporate managed charter schools. We use social media to get our message out. We have created a few websites as a means to get parents involved and aware of the destructive policies of Michelle Rhee and others pushing parent trigger. One of our organizations, Wear Red for Public Ed, has gone viral – we have watched teachers and parents united in red all over the US, most recently in Chicago. I would love a chance to help tell the truth to America about parent trigger. I hope you will consider me or someone from our organization as a guest. Thank you for all you do.”

I guess now I will just wait and see …

Come on, Cooper. You have never let me down before 🙂



Here is the link to apply for the show:


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