Reblog of @bobsikes : “Passage of a resolution by the entire body was not a sure thing, but that all changed when Robinson essentially informed a room full of elected school board members that they will do as they are told. ”

Scathing Purple Musings

Save Duval Schools founder Deborah Gianoulis Heald attended the Florida School Boards Association meeting this week in Tampa. Here are her comments in a letter to the editor of the Lakeland Ledger:

In Tampa on Thursday, I watched elected school board members from across the state in a conference exchange glances with clenched teeth or open-mouth surprise. The reason: Florida Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson admonished them for considering a resolution against high-stakes testing.

Robinson told them the Constitution guarantees their rights as individuals to free expression but, as members of elected bodies, their responsibility is to follow the law established by the Legislature and the rules set by the State Board of Education.

When the commissioner sat down, the meal was served and the energy in the room ignited. Table chatter intensified as diners conversed with one another, and found allies across tables and around the room.

Later that day, the…

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