I revised this response to an earlier Tampa Bay Times article – It is an appropriate response to FL Commissioner of Ed’s recent comments regarding the National Resolution on High Stakes Testing. 6/15/12

Grassroots Mom

I am revising this blog and forwarding it to our Florida Commissioner of Education who recently spoke at the FL School Board Association Meeting.

The Tampa Bay Times reports, “People have a right to speak out, [the Commissioner] offers, and that [high stakes testing] resolution is a “perfect example of adults expressing concern about the future. Unfortunately, the resolution is short on providing hope to schoolchildren who are Florida’s future.”

This parent disagrees. 

No, we parents/taxpayers/ adults do not think high stakes standardized testing gives school children “Hope”.


No, we see valuable class time (nearly 1/3 of a typical school year by much estimation) spent in standardized testing, test prep, test remediation, test validation, etc. We see an exorbitant amount of our taxpaying dollars spent ($250 million dollars to Pearson) paying testing companies for these tests. We are well aware of inaccurate scoring and invalid test questions (all while…

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