This is our story – will they listen? So thankful that Diane Ravitch does…

Diane Ravitch's blog

Here is a comment from a first-year teacher who knows more than the “reformers” who wrote the laws in Florida.

I can go one better — in my district here in southwestern Florida 50% of my final evaluation for the year will be based upon the test scores of children in grades 4 and 5. I taught 2nd grade this year. This is my first year at this school.So, in effect, half of my ‘effectiveness’ as a teacher is to be determined by test scores from students I’ve NEVER taught and most of whom I’ve NEVER even met.How anyone could keep a straight face and maintain any moral integrity while telling me that this is a ‘fair system’ is beyond my understanding yet this is the program that my betters in the district office produced, the state of Florida approved, and the U.S. Dept. of Education accepted as meeting the…

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