This Florida activist not feeling too misinformed or bitter today, jeb. You? #NoTriggerIsAGoodTrigger

Florida says, not today jeb… not today.

Maybe there was a day… We remember 2010. We remember Jeb robocalling FL residents.  We remember him calling us teachers and parents a ‘massive campaign of misinformed’. Now, we remember this year. We remember his foundation emails used the word ‘vitriol’, as defined in the dictionary: bitterly abusive.

Wow, really, jeb? Gee, that hurts…

See, we may not have as much money as these corporations pushing charter schools and standardized tests… but, the beauty of being a ‘citizen lobbyist’ is that we work for free.

And, we work overtime.

And, sometimes, just sometimes, all our hard work pays off…

Yesterday, Florida parents, teachers, PTA, FEA, unions, associations, and grassroot activists joined together in the Capitol and online to raise their voices. This time, we were heard. The “Parent Trigger” bill was killed with 20-20 vote on 3.9.12.

Not feeling too misinformed or bitter today … you?

a proud FL parent, teacher and PTO, FEA member

Quote of the day: “Far better to be David than Goliath. David eventually wins.” – via Diane Ravitch on Twitter 

from the article, David vs. Goliath, Battle Over Public Education by Rita Solnet, Founding Member, Parents Across America – Posted: February 22, 2011 12:23 PM


Save our Schools

Wear Red for Public Education


3 thoughts on “This Florida activist not feeling too misinformed or bitter today, jeb. You? #NoTriggerIsAGoodTrigger

  1. Please spread this far and wide. The Jebs will try to make it sound like the “reform” is the grassroots, but they leave out the private getaway strategy meetings, the big bucks and covert campaigns to bypass the grass and the roots and go straight to buying what they want-political positions and policies.

  2. JEB! took this one right between his beady, feral eyes . . . this was a major rebuke to the corporate take down of OUR schools. Much thanks to Sen. Alan Hays. He did not waver in his support. There is brass in that one. We owe you Sir . . . We must prepare for the next assault, it’s coming . . .

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