One Response to “Senators take aim at parent trigger” Florida – Vote No SB1718

One Response to “Senators take aim at parent trigger” Re: Post on Politics

GatorbonBC Says:
March 9th, 2012 at 12:55 am …. I think that perhaps Senate Gardiner should check the data before he speaks for parents. The fact is, of the the 2.6 million students in Florida public schools, only 137,000 students are enrolled in the state’s charter schools. Yet charter schools make up half of the failing schools in Florida. The data from last year shows that of the 31 failing schools in Florida, 15 were charter schools. 

Wow… so few charters and yet so many of them failing our kids.

How in the world is Gardiner, or any Senator who votes for this bill, empowering a parent? If the option given to a parent who has a child in an F school is to switch that child to a charter… well, that is not a good option. Considering the ratio of failing charter schools… a child is most likely worse off.

Fact is, charter schools are good for profit. Some have discovered this and they have spent alot of money lobbying for this bill … so they can make even more money.

We, Florida parents, say NO to the lobbyists, the charter school companies, and to the Senators that these charter management companies have in their pockets. We say NO to SB1718. We don’t care how much you spend to lobby… our children can not be bought.


We “parent lobbyists” … we work for free.

Win Win for the Kids.

We may not be the one percent,

but …

We are One.


Save Our Schools

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One thought on “One Response to “Senators take aim at parent trigger” Florida – Vote No SB1718

  1. Maybe, just maybe we could get a Say Something Nice About a Teacher Day? No? How about 5 minutes to say something nice about a teacher?

    I love this blog, btw. As a semi-native Floridian (ok, I was 9mos old when I moved there!), who has lived most of her life in that heathen state just to the north, I try to keep an eye on what is brewing on the great peninsula…all too often it hits us up here next. Good job keeping everyone informed!

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