Workers & Working Families “Welcome” Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker Today. Naples, FL

Wisconsin … SW Florida residents and Wear Red for Ed has joined with the AFL CIO and many other activists/organizations to rally/protest the visit of Wisconsin’s Gov Scott Walker in Naples, FL today.

“Brendan Fonock, a Cape Coral Fire Fighters (IAFF) member with Local 2424, explained: We’re here standing with our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin. Their fight there has recharged unions across the country and we’re letting those (in power) know that we’re looking out for the middle class and that we will not be silent to take away our rights to collectively bargain.” (AFL-CIO blog)

Florida sends some sassy, southern solidarity to Wisconsin !! Naples, FL – Event here:

News Press article:

“Rat, saboteur of the middle-class and leech were just some of the words used by teachers, union officials and others to describe Wisconsin’s Republican Gov. Scott Walker Wednesday morning during a protest in North Naples.” (Fort Myers News Press)


“Joanne McCall, vice president of the Florida Education Association said Walker’s Florida cash grab is in poor taste and suggested that if he wants to fight his recall, he should be getting his money from Wisconsin residents. What they’re doing is harming the middle class and silence the unions,” she said. “They want two classes – the wealthy and the poor and my message to voters is to stay angry, stay engaged and then go to the polls in November and change the faces in Tallahassee and take our country back.” (Fort Myers News Press)

“About 200 protestors from Occupy Naples, the AFL-CIO and the Florida Education Association among others lined Vanderbilt Beach Road near the intersection of Airport-Pulling Road where they waved signs at honking motorists and handed out sandwiches, a direct jab at Walker, who they say is “full of” bologna.” (Naples Daily News)


Great Video Coverage ! Florida stands in Solidarity with Wisconsin. Working class families and Florida’s Middle Class say NO to another Scott in Florida !

We are sure to let him know we do not need another Scott in Florida… we have Rick Scott…and he is one Scott too many!!

Links – News – Video from the protest/rally:

One Final Picture … A Shout Out. 

Kudos to Dr. Diane Ravitch, PhD. 

The New York Times may call her a “tireless tweeter” but we teachers and parents know she is a tireless advocate for public education, and we THANK HER ! 


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