No matter what Florida’s Gov Scott is still going after the public… Pink Slip Rick

So, just a few weeks after Florida made headline news for the incredible number of homeless children in the state…

Nov 28, 2011 by 

Scott Pelley continues his “60 Minutes” report that looks at the plight of homeless children in Florida. Then, Jeff Glor talks to Beth Davalos, a child welfare advocate who runs Families in Transition – a program that helps homeless students lead more normal and productive lives.

Our Governor decides to bankrupt the public hospitals that treat them… really?

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott’s proposal to pay less to hospitals to control spiraling Medicaid costs drew skepticism from some lawmakers and hostility from hospitals Thursday.

Scott’s plan is central to his $66 billion budget proposal, and ensures that his own history as CEO of a for-profit hospital chain that paid a record $1.7 billion in fines for Medicare fraud would attract new attention.

The key word to these cuts is the word “public” … whether public safety, schools, or hospitals…

Jackson Health System stands to lose $133.5 million in Medicaid funds under the proposed budget of Gov. Rick Scott, according to a study released Thursday by the Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida.

That would make Jackson the biggest loser among the state’s hospitals as the governor attempts to balance the budget by reducing reimbursement rates for the state-federal insurance for the poor. Scott is also suggesting that the maximum allowable in-patient days that Medicaid will pay will be reduced from 45 to 23.

Scott has no regard for the public… and considering he has the lowest approval rating in the nation,

Here is a list of five of the worst Governors in the country today.

 1. Rick Scott (Republican-Florida)
In the new numbers from Public Policy Polling, Governor Rick Scott hit a new low, with a 26 percent approval rating. That’s down seven percent.

The public apparently has no regard for him either…

Pink Slip Rick

Links via Florida Public Employees – Facebook




“Come on Scott, your half-ass efforts on Thanksgiving is not going to get Floridians on your side….

and nobody who pays attentions to your efforts at dismantling the  social safety net in Florida

will be fooled by your little photo op… so stop pretending to help the homeless while you are really just kicking them to the curb.

Governor Scott is tonight’s Tool Time winner. “


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