Gov Scott says the public is worried about us teachers ? Really ??? LOL Check your ratings, sir… not too refreshing, eh? Pink Slip Rick

Let’s see… Florida teachers are ranked in the TOP five for teacher effectiveness …

“Florida’s schools have sharply improved in the past several years and are now ranked fifth in the nation, according to a yearly report by Education Week magazine. Teachers are doing something right”

But, our Florida governor is ranked one of the FIFTH WORST…

Here is a list of five of the worst Governors in the country today.

 1. Rick Scott (Republican-Florida)
In the new numbers from Public Policy Polling, Governor Rick Scott hit a new low, with a 26 percent approval rating. That’s down seven percent. 

And, yet,  Governor Scott says the public is worried about us teachers ? Really ???

‎”FL Gov Rick Scott: ‘The perception is that it’s not an accountable system,’ he said, and too many people feel ‘we’re not getting value for the dollars we’re putting in the government.”


Lol, not so much, sir…

Considering FL is ranked 5th for teacher quality, but 47th for teacher pay…

I’d say you are getting a bargain…

Sir, stop breaking off the backs of our public schools…



Wear Red for Ed – Keep Public Schools Public

Pink Slip Rick


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