Dear Mr. President, Sir …about my kid …

Mr. President, Sir

I opted my child out of your  broadcast to school children tomorrow.

It bothers me that after all the calling, writing, blogging, posting, tweeting, rallying, and marching…we parents are ignored regarding our concerns with standardized testing, privatization, and increased funding/deregulation of charter schools.

No, Sir, if you want to chat with my kid, you can call me…

I know this may not be transformative parenting, but accountability goes both ways.

And, Sir, I might add, I voted for you. Heck, I rallied, held signs, blogged, and did news for you.

Maybe you will consider hearing our concerns and eliminate RTTT and NCLB… before I opt out of voting next.

Just saying…

Ps… I say maybe because I am one of the few with hope. But, really, Sir…something has got to change.


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