Brill: ‘Super Teachers’ ? – It is called ‘Divide and Conquer’ … oldest trick in the book. #education #teachers

My response to Steven Brill article:

 ‘Super Teachers Can’t Save Our Schools’ 


It is the oldest trick in the book… Divide and Conquer. 


Current corporate ed reformers hope to pit public school teachers against charter school teachers. 


Charter school teachers are posed as ‘Superstar’ teachers. 



Almost every teacher I know fits this category, whether charter or public.  And, burn out is common … on both sides.


No, be not fooled. Brill is simply trying to pit the two types of teachers against each other and encouraging public school teachers to embrace the charter school ‘superstar persona’ teacher… Brill leads us to believe the superstar persona is better than the ‘angry army of teachers union/red persona’ that he hopes to paint of us public school grassroot activists. 


Many charter school teachers oppose the methods and practices of the charter schools and of the corporations that are profiting off our children.


Here in Florida, the number of failing charter schools is obvious.


The problem there is not the teachers, it is the system they are forced to teach in… a failing corporate for profit system.

"15 of 31 “F” Schools in Florida are Charter Schools"

Ask the charter school teachers, they will tell. They are almost all there because of budget cuts to public schools, anyway. 

Corporate charter schools are not a choice when they are the only choice... 


I am not even posting a link to Brill… not worth my time, or yours. But I will link this wonderful tribute to teachers…


‎”Teachers are true American heroes. They should be exalted for their sacrifices. I salute each and everyone and thank you for your devotion to your profession and our children.”


Also, here is another great read. It may shed some light as to why folks like Brill hope to convince us that charter schools are the answer…

from Parents Across America

“Free-market zealots (with riches) realized that over $600 billion is spent in the U.S. on public schools. A whole new frontier leading to stable profits was recognized. Everyone knows “it takes money to make money,” and the faces behind the voucher/charter “reform” movement are not bashful in stepping up to the bar.”


Divide and conquer, oldest trick in the book… don’t fall for it.

Fund Public Schools.

End the ‘Rheediculous’ test driven culture

of profit and corporatization in education.


Wear Red for Ed

Stop Race to the Top

Save Our Schools


One thought on “Brill: ‘Super Teachers’ ? – It is called ‘Divide and Conquer’ … oldest trick in the book. #education #teachers

  1. Arne Duncan used the “divide and conquer” strategy when speaking to National Board Certified Teachers at their conference. He told them that the “good” teachers–like the ones in the room–deserved to be paid $150,000/year. Expecting applause, he paused. But all that happened was…crickets. Won’t be fooled by that “good teacher like you” bait.

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