No Schools Left Behind ??? Really ?? Check the data… things that make you say hmmmm… Florida charter schools ?

From the article, “But as commissioner overseeing 67 districts, Robinson can’t lose sight that the 137,000 students enrolled in the state’s charter schools is a mere fraction of the 2.6 million students in Florida public schools.”

Hmm, Really? Well, according to analysis of FCAT scores (as posted in recent blogs)… of the 31 schools in Florida that scored an ‘F’… nearly half (15/31) were charter schools. I have not verified this data, personally, but I do think it raises a question that should be looked into by either our Governor or this Orlando Sentinel. There are many asking why so many F’s were charter when charter schools only make up a ‘mere fraction’ of Florida’s public schools.

Why is no one congratulating Florida’s public schools for proving the critics wrong? And, most importantly, why continue to apppropriate excess of money to these corporate charter schools if they are not proving as ‘transformative’ as they boast. I say keep public schools public. Let’s stop funneling money to these corporations when it is clear public schools are the better choice. Let’s not allow Florida public schools to be near last in funding in America. Let’s hold our leaders accountable.

Article in today’s Orlando Sentinel :

No Schools Left Behind:

“Rick Scott hasn’t always been forthcoming about his plans for Florida. Yet, no one could accuse him of playing it close to the vest on school choice.”,0,2574099.story

Blog cited:

“15 of 31 “F” Schools in Florida are Charter Schools”

Posted on July 2, 2011 by Bob Sikes


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