Sec Arne Duncan… 35%, this coach says aim higher… hold big business to the same standards. Save our Schools.

Come on Arne… you could have dunked it !!


Quote: “We’re asking companies that get up to 90 percent of their profits from taxpayer dollars to be at least 35 percent effective,” Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said, of the new rules.

Only 35% effective… ??? Really ???


I wonder if Arne used his shooting percentage

to calculate that 35% … lol



Epic Fail, boys…


Just imagine if we, public school teachers, had scores as low as 35%…

We would be fired.

I guess what is good for the goose…

is not necessarily good for the gander.

Article reference:

From the article: “This year alone, taxpayers are expected to underwrite more than $30 billion in federal loans and more than $9 billion in Pell Grants to students attending for-profit career colleges,” said Pauline Abernathy, the vice president of The Institute for College Access and Success, an education and student advocacy group. “However, the evidence is clear that many of these programs are fleecing both taxpayers and students.”


ouch. did they say fleecing?


Epic Fail, Arne. Huge.





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