Standardized Testing – From the Mouth of Babes… If you give a teacher a cookie…

My six year old, 1st grader is going to do her third day in a row of standardized testing tomorrow.

She asked me tonight why she has to take those tests.

I, myself, am a teacher so I knew the answers… ‘um, sweetie, so testing corporations can get rich…’


No, no… I didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth.

So, I told her to do well for her teacher’s sake.

I said it was like giving the teacher a thank you at the end of each year.

I thought it a pretty good answer, considering Florida just passed a bill into law holding teacher contracts yearly based on test scores.


She didn’t like my answer.

Her response?


“Why can’t we just make her cookies instead?”


From the mouth of babes...



5 thoughts on “Standardized Testing – From the Mouth of Babes… If you give a teacher a cookie…

  1. This is sad to hear, but it sounds like you offered a nice spin on this. Besides, you don’t sound like putting extra pressure on your daughter to “perform”, “do well on the test”, etc.
    Gosh, and I thought that my son doing this in third grade was pretty bad… We’re in the Boston area (Massachusetts). I hope to see some changes in my lifetime. If not I hope that my children might continue this work in whatever capacity they choose for their careers. As a teacher I, too, don’t really have logical answers for my kids so thanks for the tip : )

  2. will you opt out next year? if i had thought of that when my son with asperger’s syndrome was going through the LEAP (louisiana) i would have pulled him in a heartbeat. he was almost held back in third grade because the school’s administration was worried about his FOURTH grade test results!! that is too much pressure for regular ed, much less special ed. it’s time for standardized testing to hit the road.

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