Withdraw, Refinance, Boycott. The Florida Chamber of Commerce does NOT speak for us.

“In Florida,

where Republican lawmakers want to prevent

public employee unions

from collecting dues

through government payroll systems,

labor leaders have decided

to pull their organizations’ accounts from

banks connected to the

Florida Chamber of Commerce,

a major backer of the initiative.

 Unions representing teachers, firefighters, police and other government workers in the central part of the state are withdrawing millions of dollars from five banks whose executives sit on the chamber’s board of directors. Those banks are Bank of America, PNC Bank, Regions Bank, SunTrust and Wachovia. Labor leaders also are urging their members —about 20,000— to pull their personal accounts from the financial institutions, which they hope will bring the withdrawn total to $10 million.” (article: http://t.co/n2bxsUx)

Ouch … I bet it is more than that …


So, Florida Legislature is passing bills –  Republican legislative agenda targets major Democratic donors – MiamiHerald.com http://hrld.us/f4AuLD


I guess if they want to hit us in our pockets… 

We will just have to do the same.


Withdraw, Refinance, Boycott.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce does NOT speak for us.


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