Florida Senate Bill 736 House Bill 7019 – Debate Blogging Comments Floor Debate Mar 15, 2011-SB736 HB7019

I could not watch or attend the debate of Florida SB736 / HB7019 today. I teach, so watching TV during the day isn’t an option in my schedule…

So, I came home and searched out the blogging of those I trust. Here is what I found on Facebook walls:

From Andy Ford, FEA President: “The questions are very good…pointing out that this bill: guts local control, interferes with bargaining, is a huge unfunded mandate, eliminates due process, and increases testing for every subject at every grade level through end of course exams.”

From Representative Rick Kriseman: “regarding annual contracts for our teachers, I learned during Q&A on the house floor that there is no plan in place for non-renewed teachers, even if the teacher is exceptional. No second chance or remedial training, just blacklisted.”

From STOP SENATE BILL 6 : Amendment by Rep Bullard: Says highly effective and effective will remain in setting where they are most effective. Rep Fresen says, “this is very unfriendly.. it’s trojan horse, tenure.” Amendment fails.

From Stop Senate Bill 6: Rep. Clarke-Reed amendment: strikes “may” and replaces with “shall.” Teachers who have gone through 2 yr probation period SHALL.. Fresen says: Unfriendly amendment. Tenure. Amendment fails.

From STOP SENATE BILL 6 Rep. Fulwood Amendment – Effective or Highly effective and contract not renewed, superintendent must tell teacher WHY they weren’t retained. Fulwood – there are no protections for the teacher, it’s just requiring a reason for why their contact wasn’t renewed. Fulwood – this provides greater transparency and accountability. Rep Fresen doesn’t like the amendment. The “Shall” is a poison pill of tenure. Amendment Failed.


(Decency, fairness & respect….they will definitely vote it down.)


Other comments during live Stop6 blogging: “One of the Representatives (Rep Fresen??) says: “There may or may not be funds for merit pay, based on economic conditions”

No merit pay to pay??? … hmmm, so why call it a merit pay bill… oh wait, maybe because that sounds better than the ‘no due process’ bill… yea, thats it.


Today is the day they vote …  I am praying for a miracle.

Vote No to SB736 / HB7019

Please keep calling, emailing, writing blogs, publishing articles, driving to Tally… anything and everything, we need a miracle… let them know NO.

List of phone numbers & emails here:


Articles today:





Sites and articles for information:




also an interesting note:



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