If I Were Queen for a Day… an Educator’s Perspective on Florida Public Schools

As a participant on the Stop Senate Bill 6 Facebook wall, I am often engaged with questions from the admin. Today’s wall question asked,
“If you were king or queen of Florida’s public schools, what would you offer up as an alternative ?
OK… Ed Reform in Florida… My counter proposal to our governor’s voucher/accountability plan ?

Here is his plan:
Spongebob? lol, did he say work for Spongebob?
Hmmm…? Back to my proposal…I decided to go for it…

I propose that we keep local control over schools.
This video is telling… Advocates in New Orleans speak out,
cry out for their children against a charter school district…

Listen to their words:
A five year experiment that has failed…
Equity, access, and accountability
We would like to be at the table when decisions are made…
It is about OUR children…
I also propose that we eliminate FCAT testing and reinvest all the monies spent on testing, data, etc into education.
That is my Queen proposal…

But wait… there is more…I also propose that we allow counties to set up evaluation procedures, not 50% based on scores of FCAT, but based on a portfolio of info.

Most importantly, I propose that we put a cap on the number of charter schools, define them as nonpublic schools, and reinvest the tax dollars diverted to these corporations back to public education.Here is another glimpse into Florida’s future:
School by school…as we wave signs and beg to keep our childrens’ school…

Chant it with them: Save Our Schools

I propose that we set up model districts and share professional practices to improve public education from within. I propose that we invest money to training and mentoring of teachers…

AND, I propose that we redirect our leaders from looking at education reform to looking at economic reform… we need to focus on issues of unemployment, poverty, and housing…

Watching through windows, I’m wondering if you’re OK.
School Reform these days? Well, it seems a common sense approach is best. It is the old flat tire analogy: If you get a flat tire on a car, you don’t go out and buy a new car… nor do you ride the flat on purpose hoping to crack your axle just as an excuse to go out and buy a new car…
The current education reform is not reform…it is replacement.

Dr. Robyn R. Jackson, CEO, Mindsteps Inc. and author, Never Work Harder Than Your Students, says the privatization of schools will create inequities in the public school system.

That is what I would propose, if I was Queen for the day 🙂

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#WearRedForEd @SOSMTM
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One thought on “If I Were Queen for a Day… an Educator’s Perspective on Florida Public Schools

  1. Over forty years ago, my grandparents led the fight of parents in one Tampa Bay Area district (not naming names here…) to decrease class sizes and to treat educators as professionals when the teachers in their district had had enough and decided to strike (without the right to do so, same as up here in GA). At the time the classes were egregiously overcrowded–my mother had elementary school classes in a church!, and the district was trying to get parents to sign up to replace the teachers. My grandparents (both educated professionals) said “no” and stood their ground. Thank goodness it helped then. Sadly, not much has changed since then 😦
    Keep up the fight, Florida parents! You CAN affect change!

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