Florida’s Plan to Divide and Conquer: Teachers Grade Parents?? #OldestTrickInTheBook

Today’s Education News in Florida:

Should Florida school teachers grade parents?

“State Rep. Kelli Stargel, the Polk County Republican who first brought Florida its teacher quality legislation, says yes.

She’s filed a bill that ties student learning to parent actions as well as teacher instruction, proposing that teachers grade parent involvement with their children’s education.

“I think there’s a certain segment of parents who would just step it up a notch,” Stargel told the Orlando Sentinel. “It’s not intended to be big government coming down on parents. It’s just intended to hold parents accountable.”

Good idea? Maybe not, Sun-Sentinel columnist Rafael Olmeda writes: “Teachers have enough of a challenge doing their jobs without the added responsibility (and no added compensation, I’ll bet) of antagonizing parents by assigning them grades.”

Your thoughts?”

Posted by Jeff Solochek at 2:38:08 pm/Tampa Bay Gradebook:


THOUGHTS ??? …………. Um… NO!!

No… we should not grade parents. This is just a clear, concise effort by some in Tally to create a division between parents and educators. Why? Because clearly they see that parents and educators have united together to stand up for our… public schools.

Propaganda 101. Don’t buy into it.

Remember when you hear this kind of talk, someone is going to get something from it… and it won’t be you.

Divide and be conquered…


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