Be honest … what is tenure?

I mean… come on. Let’s be honest… there is no such thing as ‘tenure’ in Florida… teacher certification must be renewed every 5 years… just like in any profession…

They mean to say he is eliminating teacher contracts… and due process.

6 for word choice – #emBelliShment @DoTheyThinkWeAreStupid? via

Ah, but to remember the small victories just so recent:

The lovely Representative Sachs tells us to bother them… work with the legislators :

snazzy Red… Wear Red for Public Ed… 🙂

Looking forward to the Education Forward Summit on Jan 26th, Lynn University – Senator Sachs, Diane Ravitch, Andy Ford…!/event.php?eid=164627830247858

And end with remembering  a veto we may not hear again… and how the kids stood up for Florida public school teachers :

We do what we must because we can.

and the deciding day:

and 5 days later, came BP …

we have much to stand up for here in Florida.


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