Things That Make You Say Meh. #TestingFUps by GatorBonBC

Some of my favorites …

Oh Your data wall is so pretty! The high level kids are butterflies and the low level kids are worms. How cute! Oh? Those are caterpillars? Oh, Of course …

Spreadsheets are my life. Ask me for a benchmark, I will print you a pile of proficiency before you can say jebs a jerk 5 times fast …

Today, kids, we will practice three important lockdowns that could save our lives … tornado lockdown, intruder lockdown, and testing lockdown.

But, I don’t understand? How do you show the kid met the benchmark without data?

This test is transformative, I tell ya… It will teach me how to be a better teacher. I just know it will.

I’m concerned. You’re 1st grader is not college and career ready. We recommend tutoring and soon …

You don’t have a choice.


No choice? Meh. I bet I do ….

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Eat a biscuit. It’ll be OK… 

The article on the unions and opt out that they wouldn’t print.

As always Fred, perfect.

Fred Klonsky

The editors of the journal Monthly Review requested the following article and then decided not to print it. I reprinted their raggedy explanation letter in the previous post.

The balancing act between defending the Common Core State Standards and supporting  member concerns about the amount of standardized assessments and national testing we and our students have had to endure has been a difficult trick for both the American Federation of Teachers and the larger National Education Association.

It is difficult because curriculum and assessment are not fundamentally divisible. It helps to understand the process if you conceptualize curriculum, instruction and assessment as a spiral rather than linear. The conceptual difference between a spiral and a straight line is the kind of thing that is more likely to be discussed in a university seminar than at a union convention.

For the two national teacher unions, the American Federation of Teachers and the…

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State of the Union in Schools #SOTU 2016

State of the Union in Schools?

We are still testing, and we still don’t know why.

We left the children behind as we raced to the top, just to land on ESSA, which is really just ASSE backwards…

Too many educators have lost their will to want better. Too many parents have lost the desire.

Our unions look more like cheer clubs, our Boards look more like boardrooms, and It is hard to tell Congress from a corporation.

State of the Union in Schools?

We have traded creative for common …
autonomy for accountability …
and dignity for data.

rodney respect

Stand up. ‪#‎SOTU2016‬

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Get on the Bus? I’ll Pass – Why I Am NOT Attending Florida Teacher Union Rally in Tally Next Week.

Enough is enough, they claim. Florida’s state teacher union, FEA, is hosting a rally against high stakes testing next week in Tallahassee, Florida. I guess holding up signs against testing in front of the Capitol is their idea of action. Get on the bus, their signs declare.

I’ll pass.

Yea. Yea. I know I will take a heap of crap for this post, but meh. It is what it is.

Why am I not jumping on the bus? Um. Been there, done that. Need more.

Honestly, FEA could have hosted this rally 3 years ago and I would have made sure to fill their buses with my teacher and parent friends. I would have made the signs and MC’d the rally. Those days are over.

My opinion? FEA elected leadership is bringing too little, too late to this game. We are past that. We don’t want a rally. We want action. We want to see our union leadership speaking, vehemently, against the overtesting, class size violations, loss of workplace autonomy, scripted curriculum and stagnant salaries.

Enough is enough. Your members have spoken. Think twice about ignoring our passed NBI’s calling for robocalls to parents instructing them of their rights to opt out. Think twice about endorsing candidates like Charlie Crist and Hillary Clinton, without giving a rat’s ass about members.

Enough of playing politics with local elections. Enough of acting like the corporate sell outs we fight.

Come on back down to grassroots. Enough truly is enough.


bruh button

More here. #TakeBackYourUnions

Bruh. End the Insanity — Book 2 of Seeking Ms. Sandy Series. COMING SOON !

I have started part 2 of my book series, the sequel to ‘Meh. When A Teacher Shrugs’. My second novel will be entitled, ‘Bruh. End the Insanity’.

Why bruh?

‘Bruh’ is an idiom that teens use when frustrated. For instance, when someone says something ridiculous, these days, a teenager will often respond with a simple one liner,  ‘bruh’.

From the Urban Dictionary:


Term used to describe something unbelievable or unjust. Also used to describe reaction to something ridiculously crazy.

Another way of saying really, or seriously.
Teen 1: What’s Obama’s last name?
Teen 2: Bruh.


Bruh is the perfect idiom for my second novel. In this sequel, our two teen heroes will take their fight against high stakes testing to their local school board, hitting a wall of resistance (sound familiar?) …

bruh button

‘Bruh.  End The Insanity’ is their story, my story, our story. 

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Florida: This Child Says the Tests Are Pointless

My kid made Ravitch’s blog. Opting Out Out Loud! #SpeakUp

Diane Ravitch's blog

Bonnie Cunard Margolin is a blogger and parent activist in Florida. Her daughter did not take the state and local tests, and her mom is very proud of her.

Margolin writes:

This year, I have opted my 6th grade daughter out of all district and state testing. So, yesterday and today, while her classmates were taking the district test/ practice FSA writing assessment, she wrote an essay, on her own, instead. Here it is.
Julianne M. Cunard

18 September 2015
Testing: I Can Do the Math.
Learning is not just about taking a test. It is about understanding a lesson, not about sitting at a desk for hours, failing as you go. If you wanted to educate children, why is there an FSA, FCAT, FAIR, PARCC, LSAT, MCAT? What do all of these words mean to you? Is standardized testing effective in education? I can tell you…

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Get Your Copy Today : A Must Read ! Meh. When A Teacher Shrugs – Seeking Ms. Sandy Series, Volume 1 by Margo Lynne

The Testing Games are about to begin … Get your copy today : Meh. When a Teacher Shrugs. My first novel …

Margo Lynne - Author

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Thalia knew she was going to fail. She always failed these state tests. She dreaded sitting down in front of them for years now. She hated how her teachers talked about them all the time. She especially hated the look of disappointment on her mom’s face when her test scores came in.

More than anything, she hated knowing that people thought she was dumb. Thalia knew she wasn’t dumb. But, she always got herself so worked up about taking the test, her whole life consumed with studying and stressing about it that, by the time test day came rolling around, she was so stressed out, she just didn’t care any more.

‘Meh. Screw the test.’ That’s what she told herself. She even tweeted it that very morning.

Thalia always wished the tests would just disappear. She never imagined her…

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The Story of a Teacher Who Finally Gets Fed Up with the Testing and Just Walks Away … ‘ Meh. When A Teacher Shrugs #WheresMsSandy ?

I am excited to announce my first book, Meh. When A Teacher Shrugs.  This is the story of two students who must learn to cope when their favorite teacher gets fed up with testing and walks off the job. Follow their journey as they face the ultimate test of their integrity.

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Meh. When A Teacher Shrugs, Seeking Ms. Sandy, Book 1 – by Margo Lynne